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The best time to visit Waqrapukara


In Cusco there are only two seasons: the rainy season from November to March and the dry season from April to October.

As we already know the Waqrapukara fortress is located in the district of Acos province of Acomayo and department of Cusco at an altitude of 4,140 m.a.s.l., it is a very beautiful place to visit, in the route of the walk we will find variety of flora and fauna and also wild animals.

So…, the best time to visit Waqrapukara is in the dry season, which goes from April to October, in these months you can see the sky clear and take good pictures.

Waqrapukara Cusco Peru

On the other hand in the rainy season you can also visit Waqra Pukara only that the road will not be easy due to the constant rains also it is possible that it has snowed in the road, if you visit it in this season you will have to go well sheltered since it will be very cold.

A good thing about the rainy season is that we will see the green mountains, something that many tourists like.

Waqrapukara is a new wonder that is for the city of Cusco if you want to know this archaeological monument almost unknown this is your chance to know it we are Waqra Pukara Peru Tours and we offer this tour to Waqra Pukara with the best service you deserve.

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