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Best time to Visit Rainbow Mountain in Peru

Montaña de 7 colores

Rainbow Mountain (also known as Vinicunca) is becoming one of the best trekking packages in the world! The multicolored site is almost unique, the only other one is in China! In this article we will tell you the best season to do it!

In theory the best time of the year to do the Rainbow Mountain Peru hike is from April to October because there is no rain, but nevertheless we will describe the conditions in the rainy season, because for the most demanding hikers this can be the ideal time instead!

Best time to visit Rainbow Mountain Peru (Vinicunca)

Also, some people enjoy seeing snowy mountains, the mountains get colored during this time, and for this reason there is not a clear month for the best month, but if you want to enjoy the culture, the month of June, which are the festivals of Cusco and Inti Raymi.

Doing the Rainbow Mountain day hike in dry weather

Here in the wonderful region of Cusco, the dry season runs from April to October. Temperatures tend to be cold as well as windy, and particularly from June to August these conditions reach extremes with a very cold climate, strong winds and sometimes even snow. As Rainbow Mountain is about 5,000 meters above sea level, bring very thick hiking clothes, including a hood and a wool scarf. For most, this is the best season for the obvious advantage of a total lack of rain, none at all. You’ll be walking against strong, icy winds in the wild highlands and perhaps even under falling snow – what a great adventure! Only in the Andean chain of Cusco. For us this season of the year is the best time to visit Rainbow Mountain Peru.

Doing the Rainbow Mountain day hike in the rainy season

Ok, so the rainy season in Cusco goes from November to March. Although the temperatures are usually warmer, in general this whole highland region is cold (it starts to get hot as you descend into the Amazon rainforest, which is not the case here, the Rainbow Mountain hike is about climbing, way up). The winds also blow hard and here comes the good part: the rains are quite strong although mainly brief, not very frequent and there may be occasional hail. So, if you want to challenge the Andean chain in its “baddest” and climb your inner troop, this will be the best season! Only there are several measures to be taken, such as having waterproof equipment (although it will eventually get a little wet…), managing body temperature, protecting electronic devices and so on. Remember that it will be a walk of approximately 4 hours to and from the Rainbow Mountain site, plus 1 hour at the same site for the guided tour, photos, etc.

Note: for both the dry and rainy seasons, we strongly recommend using a hiking stick, as it saves energy and provides a much better balance.

Packages and tours

There are 2 types of tour, first is to go in a day trip and the other one is to do a trekking around and reach some important landscape, included Vinicunca, the Rainbow Mountain.

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